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About Me

Meghan Bichard

Virtual Assistant Extraordinaire

Hey there! I’m Meghan, the face behind the computer and your new VA bestie! I started this company because I wanted the freedom of staying home with our son Mason, while still being able to put my BA in journalism to use. You see, I may have just a touch of OCD. So, keeping things organized, scheduling things, and color coordinating them…it’s sorta my thing. I’m the kind of girl who gets overly excited about getting new office supplies. I mean have you experienced the joy of opening a new pack of highlighters? No? Just me? Ok then. 

See, my plans changed a bit once Mason was born, as most plans do once you have kids. I graduated from UCF with my BA in journalism when Mason was just four months old. My original intention was to graduate and start working for a local newspaper, potentially travel, etc. I decided I would rather spend my time with my little guy and focus on being a mom for a while. So after college, I took 2 years off. It was a much-welcomed break from endless homework and pulling all-nighters. I absolutely love being a mom, and I know it’s probably super cliche to say this because I’m sure all parents feel this way, but we have the coolest kid on the planet. 

Last year we bought our first home and I was finally able to set up my home office. My hope is that I can utilize my skill set to my advantage and yours, to maintain my work from home status while having the privilege of watching our little man grow. 

I look forward to working with you! Let’s chat!

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My Happy Little Family

Here’s a little glimpse into my life. I absolutely love my little family. People call us the 3 M’s. Matthew, Meghan, and Mason. We love building LEGO, anything Marvel or Star Wars related, taking trips to the zoo, going to the beach, making sticky buns, and playing video games on Sundays.


Happy Clients

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