Hello, I’m Meghan, freelancer, and owner of MB Virtual Management. I started this company because I wanted the freedom of staying home with my son, while still being able to provide for my family. While I absolutely love being a stay at home mom, I wanted to put my BA in journalism to good use.

As a virtual assistant, I am dedicated to helping entrepreneurs free up their time and grow their business by providing a variety of writing, administrative, design and social media solutions. I offer virtual one-on-ones to assess your business needs and help turn your ideas into completed projects.

Wondering how I can be an asset to your business? Well, for starters I have nearly 20 years of experience within the customer service industry. I’ve managed restaurants, offices, and households for as long as I can remember. I contributed to several collegiate publications during my time at the University of Central Florida, and in my final semester, I was the managing editor for UCF’s online publication, Nicholson Student Media (NSM.today). I thrive on deadlines and I know how frustrating tedious tasks can be.

I found a balance and developed a method for how I achieve my goals in a timely manner. I knew others could benefit from it as well. I primarily serve clients who are just starting their business as well as the communications industry.

As a working entrepreneur, I understand firsthand what type of support is needed to start and keep your business running smoothly.  I want to use my knowledge and strengths to help busy entrepreneurs like you streamline your business processes by taking those tedious day-to-day tasks off your plate. This allows you to re-focus on what really matters; taking your business to the next level.

So, what project can I get started for you today? I am currently accepting assignments. You can schedule a consultation or contact me directly at meghan@mbvirtualmanagement.com


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Administrative and Organizational

Being organized is something all entrepreneurs strive to achieve, but it can be difficult to find a system that works for you. Day-to-day tasks can often be overwhelming and can quickly add up on top of everything else you’re set to accomplish. I can simplify and streamline your to-do list and help you get and stay organized.

Writing and Editing

As an experienced journalist and blogger, I am confident that I can help you with your writing and editing needs.  If you are struggling to articulate your thoughts, you’re in need of someone who can create content that honestly and concisely delivers your message to your readers.

Graphic and Page Design

From brochures, content creation and branding, to basic web design, set-up and maintenance, I can add a wealth of value to your business in terms of creativity and design. Tell me what you need to be designed, and I’ll work with you to make it happen.

Website Creation and Social Media Promotion

Dreaming of being seen online? Boosting your brand by creating an eye-catching website and expanding your reach on social media is important. I can help you establish and maintain an affordable and user-friendly online presence. Allow me to help you grow your audience to generate sales.

So, how does this work?

It’s easy! Schedule a free consultation so we can discuss the details. Once that’s done, we can customize a service package tailored specifically to your business. Then, you leave the rest to me. After all, that’s my job. You laid the foundation for your business, let me support you in your vision and take it to the next level.

A complete list of my services can be found under the services tab.

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