Meals on Wheels event rolls out VUCF’s Arts and Recreation Week

Volunteer UCF kicked off their art and recreation week Monday by adding some color in the lives of the elderly community. Students gathered in the psychology building to decorate paper lunch bags for senior citizens.

Meals on Wheels is a non-profit organization that provides meals to low-income senior citizens. Their mission is to extend independence and health as seniors get older.

The bags that the volunteers decorated will be donated to Meals on Wheels which will use the bags to provide meals to those in need.

For millions of Americans, Meals on Wheels can mean the difference between a person remaining in their home or needing to relocate to a nursing facility.

“I feel like people want to make a difference in their community whether its indirect or direct, and I think this a great way to give back to your community and not see like a direct impact with this event but know that you’re making a difference,” said Kylie Oliver, senior film major.

Oliver joined the VUCF committee in the fall, stating that they hold different events at least twice a month.

No painting skills were necessary. However, volunteers showed their creativity when decorating the lunch bags using different colored paint, crayons and markers.

The bags will be distributed to the nearest Meals on Wheels location where they will be filled with a nutritious meal.

“I’m here because I’m in a GEB class, so with that class we have to get a certain amount of points and we can get them through any activity. We have a whole list and volunteering is one of them,” said Celina Nuevo, sophomore business marketing major. “I like volunteering that’s why I came.”

By the end of the event, volunteers had learned about the objectives of Meals on Wheels, as well as facts on the aging community of America. The friendly visit and safety check helps them cope with three of the biggest threats of aging: hunger, isolation and loss of independence.

Students can find more information on how to volunteer with Meals on Wheels by visiting their website and can also find other volunteer opportunities and more information on upcoming events by visiting VUCF’s website

Originally published March 27, 2017